The benefits of installing wireless home security systems in your home

Wireless Home Security

Wireless Home Security Systems

Having the top wireless home security systems is an excellent way of keeping your home secure from burglars, thieves and unwanted visitors. You can experience the benefits of home security systems but there are no wires that need to connect the sensors to its control panel. There are a large number of benefits of wireless systems in terms of accessibility, installation and repair.


If you are looking for the best wireless home security systems then Fortress Security Store TM SO2- A wireless home security alarm system DIY kit with auto dial is the best option for you.

There are different features of these wireless systems that can be very beneficial for you which includes

Fully programmable main unit and sensors

Auto dialer function

Passive motion sensors

110 dB loud alarms

Magnetic sensors for doors and windows

Five door contact points

Main control panel featuring auto dialer

Keyfobs for activating/deactivating the alarm

Panic alarm

Alarm warning stickers

Fortress Security Store TM SO2- A wireless home security alarm system DIY kit with auto dial is considered as the best wireless home security systems that is available with sensors for detecting suspicious activities. With the auto dialer function of this wireless system you can be rest assured that in case of security breach, this system will call up to six designated phone numbers for informing them about the security breach. Even in case of forceful break-in, the door/window contact can successful detect the break in along with the passive motion sensors for detecting any suspicious activity or movement.

Whenever there is a security breach in your home, the loud alarm of 110 dB will alert you and your neighbors which will also deter potential intruders. In case of any forcible break-ins, this wireless home security system will detect it and will inform you so that you can catch the intruders who are trying to enter your property. It is very easy and convenient to install this system and you can get this system running in a short duration of time. Hence you will not have to worry about the safety and security of your home as well as other valuable belongings as this wireless system will offer you enhanced safety and protection. It is the best systems that provide instant alerts to you about the condition of your home so that you can be safe and secured from any potential intruders as you will be aware of the happenings inside your home.


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