Spy Pen

Spy Pen

Spy Pen 1080p 32gb Hidden Camera – FBI Grade True HD Digital Video Recorder

The spy pen is a mini camera in which the camera is compressed and it is placed inside the pen which is used for discreet recording. A lot of technology goes into the manufacturing of these cameras as these are considered as the best piece of requirements that is very important for safety and security. It has an in-built DVR that helps in easy access to the audio or video recording as it can record in 3GP or AVI file formats which are as the extensively supported and outstanding data formats.

Spy pen cameras are the best hidden wireless cameras which are the most useful piece of requirements that are used for carrying out an investigation as no one can see you. The camera is hidden inside the pen and it can also used as real working pen which is used for capturing the image that you are focusing on and transmitting it. It is the most popular mini hidden camera that may vary in weight, size, range, resolution and battery life. Spy pen is a 32 GB hidden camera 1080p- FBI Grade and true HD digital video recorder that comes with a transmitter. It also has a receiver at the other end that receives transmitted images and it records and stores them for seeing it on the monitor that is attached to the camera.

The features of spy cam pen includes-

  • HD quality camera with 1080p resolution
  • Solid, stealthy and durable feel
  • Easy to operate and use
  • 32GB internal memory
  • 1080p video for 6 hours recording

This is on the best spy products you can buy in today market

If you are looking for the best security camera then spy pen is the best option for you as it comes with 1080p resolution that is most appropriate for video recording of high quality. HD quality videos helps in uncovering the truth in case of any issues and you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of real protection with this best equipment. You will get plenty of storage which last up to 6 hours of the 1080 video and hence you will not have to worry about SD cards as the pen can store more amount of videos. You can find exciting adventures, uncover lies and catch dangerous thieves with this camera as it is the best solution for you if you are serious about your safety as well as that of your family. It is the best spy tech that feels solid and durable for carrying on your task and its ease of operation.

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