How to Install the Wireless 2.4ghz USB DVR and Wireless Mini Camera

We not sustain this item, for the most recent Wireless Cameras we suggest getting the WiFi Spy Cameras. These video cameras are more breakthrough as well as quickly to setup.

Wifi Spy Cameras:

A revolution in miniaturization a ultra mini cam with a constructed in video 2.4 Ghz transmitter, the entire unit only determines 17mm x 34 mm smaller sized compared to the typical thumbnail, this mini colour camera is cutting edge in dimension and also it is completely wireless! Just position the camera in a very discreet position and plug the USB receiver into the Computer. Offering clear colour, top quality images, the Wireless Hidden Spy Cam is excellent for keeping an eye on staff, confirming suspicions regarding next-door neighbors, checking your nanny, Kid, Your driveway, front door or even Mount on Your RC Automobile. Power for the video camera could be supplied by a standard 9 volt battery or power adapter. The transmitting array is aprox 100m view and also around 30m inside.

Wireless sending image
Tiny size, light weight, low power consumption
High perceptiveness, very easy operation and also installation
Links to Computer system