Hidden Spy Camera

Hidden Spy Camera

Top Seller 720P Hidden Spy Camera w/ True HD

Hidden Spy Camera, Digital Video Recorder, Pencam, Tiny DVR & Webcam, Executive Style Ballpoint Pen, Works Easily For PC/Mac, This Is Real 1280 x 720P Quality! Only Available From Teraputics!

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  • 8GB SD Card included for free. Video resolution is 1280 x 720P and photo resolution is 2560 x 1440. The time can be setup so that you know exactly when the video/picture was taken. Functions as a Webcam, DVR, and as an executive style ballpoint pen as well.
  • Plug & Play into any PC/Mac. Simply record your footage, plug the spy pen camera into your computer with the included USB cable, and review your footage. That’s all it takes! Very user friendly and a complete no brainer to use. Our spy pen camera is made adhering to the highest manufacturing standards of product integrity.


Having heard about the many features of the hidden spy cameras, I wondered if they actually accomplished what the marketers promise. From the catalog and sells booklets available, anybody would be thrilled by their usage. So, I set out to do a review. My primary objective was to find out if the camera systems in place are worth the money paid for. This article is my honest review of the hidden cameras sampled over many places.

Hidden Spy Cams: What are they?

These are special cameras and come in different sizes and shapes. They use pinhole technology and are used to spy and monitor people coming to and from the office or home. A strategically placed and well-designed camera can help protect you and your employees from the invasion of criminals. For these cameras to be of many benefits, they should be placed away from the obvious eye to avoid burglars knowing that they are being recorded.

Features To look for at Hidden Cameras.

Motion detectors.

One of the features that make cameras perform best the intended application is their ability to detect motion changes. From my research on many camera models, I found out that hidden cameras have bright designs specialized to detect even the smallest motion changes around it.

Recording Options.

Hidden cameras have the ability to take color videos with the date and time stamps. These are then stored in a memory device. In many of the camera types I analyzed, they have a built-in DVRs that can use removable SD cards. However, most cameras do not record audio since they are prohibited by the laws.

Camera Design and Resolution.

The ability of a hidden camera to capture fine details cannot be overlooked. A high-resolution camera with a high frame rate is most suitable for smoother video recording. Also, low light sensitivity is a desired quality. Although sensitivity and resolution vary from the studied sample, a significant number showed high results.

The other interesting thing about most hidden cameras is their backup and support system. The cameras come with at least a one year warranty giving the owners confidence and peace of mind.

Pinhole cameras were found to be useful for a home setting, but not so ideal for a big business. A good hidden camera should have a proper balance of recording options and resolution. Basing on this review, you should be able to choose the best-hidden camera to help protect your valuables.

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